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Ident-A-Kid During COVID-19

Ident-A-Kid’s Response to COVID-19 Over the past few months, many of our normal routines have been disrupted. Activities like going to the grocery store, gathering with family and friends, or even our children going to school have been put on hold. The COVID-19...

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McCracken County Upgrades Security Measures

Paducah, KY - On December 2nd, McCracken County Schools will start using the Ident-A-Kid School Visitor Management Software. The check in & out process will become more accesible for visitors & staff, more secure and provide more information to school...

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New Security Measures for Putnam County Schools

This school year, Putnam County Schools are taking new security measures involving a more in-depth visitor screening process. After looking into three different vendors, the school board preferred the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System and approved a contract for...

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Andalusia City Schools Brings in Ident-A-Kid

Beginning this school year, Andalusia City Schools will start using a school visitor management system to identify visitors and students. Many schools have been able to significantly reduce administrative resources due to the timesaving in accounting for tardy and...

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New Technology to Keep Vegas Valley Schools Safe

Las Vegas, NV - New Technology is helping to keep students safe in Las Vegas Schools. Sierra Vista High School's start to improve security were changing the open-door policy, which many visitors were accustomed to, with a buzz in process. Visitors must show a valid...

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