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All Check-ins for 2018

Student Check-ins

Student check-ins include attendance, early releases and tardy tracking.

Staff Check-ins

Staff reports can serve as a time clock and record hours for off-site events.

Visitor Check-ins

Collect a visitor’s name, picture, reason for visit, date & time of visit and location on campus.

Other Check-ins

After school events, PTA meetings, field trips, etc. can be monitored.

Volunteer Check-ins

Log volunteer hours smoothly, create detailed reports and export them.

Substitute Check-ins

Set a customized badge for substitutes to lessen sign-in confusion.

Customer Testimonials

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New Monthly Webinar Series

We are hosting monthly webinars that provide a quick tutorial on setup and an overview of the newest updates to the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System!

This month we will cover Pre-loaded List.