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Pre-loaded Lists

Your preloaded list can be used to create drop-down lists for names,  in during check-in. Start typing and the name will autofill too! Very helpful for your staff, frequent volunteers or substitutes!

To begin, you’ll need to add a new category to your list. Start by clicking the “Categories”button.

Click the “Add New” button at the top.

Fill in the category name you would like to add. When finished, click “Save” under the actions tab. Click “Go Back” to return to the home screen for Preloaded List.

Now that you have a category created, click “Add New”.

To add a new name to your preloaded list, first select the appropriate category for the user. Then fill out their first and last name, along with any additional information you would like. When finished, click “Save”.

You also have the option to import, export or delete a list of names.