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These Schools Save 2,000 Staff Hours a Year

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Track All Visitor on Campus

  • Quickly check in Visitors and Volunteers with Date and Time
  • Track Employees, Substitutes and Contractors
  • Easy and intuitive for self service operation
  • Custom detailed Sticker Badges in 5 colors
  • National Sexual Offender Check with high tech drivers’ license optical scanner
  • Capture all Details of their Visit

Student Exception Tracking

  • Fast process of recording and printing a hall pass in about 4 seconds
  • Track reasons
  • Customize tardy/hall passes
  • Monitor Custody Alerts and Banned individuals with custom NOGO List

JiffyPass RFID System

  • Check In/Out Volunteers, staff and other frequent visitors in under 2 seconds
  • Uses JiffyPass Keyfobs, access cards, or badges with the JiffyPass Scanner


  • Comprehensive reporting on student attendance and occurrence reports
  • No more flipping through binders to total Volunteer hours
  • Who is In the Building Now? Report for full account of all types of visitors on campus
  • Time tracking for Staff and Substitutes with Absent Reports

Integrated Connections

  • Minimal data entry with connection to your school information system (SIS)
  • Student attendance records are updated in real-time
  • Easily export and import student attendance info
  • comments and reasons are imported