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Upgrade to V4

Become a safer and more efficient school!

Features Include:

Onscreen Signatures

Keep a digital copy of signatures when parents and guardians sign out students.

Scan Student and Visitor IDs

Scan visitor IDs to perform a sexual offender check. Scan student IDs to record tardies and early releases.

Student-Parent Relationship Database

Associate students with their parents and guardians for an easier sign-in/out process.

Enhanced NoGo List

Make a complete profile for users with info like name, DOB, picture and document uploads.

Face Detection

Visitors won’t be able to sign-in without a clear picture of their face.

Customizable Design

Make your visitor management station match your school by changing the colors and logos.

Flextime™ Check-ins

Preprint visitor badges or record hours for an offsite event.

Improved User Interface

Provide an enjoyable experience for signing in and out with a system that is easy to understand and use.

Scan QR Codes

Visitors can quickly sign out by scanning the QR code on their badge.

Steps for Upgrading from V3 to V4

Upgrading from Version 3 to Version 4 is simple and quick. First, you will need access to the school manager site. This is the web manager many of you have been using – school.ccssvm.com. If you have been pulling reports online, you can continue along, otherwise you will need to ensure you are active on the school manager. You can contact support to be added.

Once you have this, you can go to school.ccssvm.com to login to the school manager. This section takes over for the local manager, where reports are pulled and where global badge settings are changed. Make note of this site as you’ll need it later.

On the school manager site, you’ll see a “Client App” button in the navigation bar to the left. Clicking this will take you to Client.ccssvm.com, and you can login with the same credentials as the web manager. Just like the web manager this can be accessed from anywhere, but to be able to use it you’ll need to create a station. Your first station should be made at the computer that is currently running the Ident-A-Kid software where your equipment is currently hooked up.


On the first page, you’ll have a “Get Started” button, click this to continue.

You’ll be presented with Station Setup Options. A station is a group of settings that our system uses to save your configuration – this includes what equipment is running at the station as well as particulars for what badges are using what equipment, and which badges are in use.

New creates a new station. Choose this option.

Next, you’ll be presented with selections for a settings template. This controls base equipment configurations. Choose Blank for now – this is recommended so we can set up exactly what we need, nothing less and nothing more. 

Then, you’ll select your school. Most will only see one school here, but if you’re a tech or district employee then you might see some more here. Ensure you’re selecting the right school here.

Finally, you’ll name the station. We recommend a descriptive name, something like where it’s at and what it’s doing. Front Office Kiosk, office staff, Tardy station, what have you.

The next option will ask about offline support. Offline mode is a function that will save your global and station settings to the browser cache, so if you lose internet access you can continue to process check-ins and the system will hold onto that data to upload it to the servers once access is restored. Activating this is optional but recommended. Do keep in mind that there will be a pause here when it’s activated so it can load the data.

Next you will be asked if you plan to print badges. If you are running or plan on running a Dymo printer, you will need to select Yes. This will take you down the Client Agent Install, that can be continued here.

After this, you will be at the home page, where you will see the welcome screen, check-in and check-out buttons, and you’ll see the school and station name at the top right.

Steps for Creating a New Account

1. Visit our sign-up page, then click Get Started

2. Choose your Account Type

•Standard Account – Enter your School Name, State, Zip code, Email address and you’re done!

•Enterprise Account – Add your school to an Enterprise District Account by entering your district account #, provided to you by our support team.

•District Account – Done through our IT Department. Please contact our support team at 1-800-890-1000 option 2 or email support@identakid.com.

3. Once you sign-up, you’ll receive an Account Confirmation email including:

•Account Number

•License Code

•License Issue Date

•License Expiration Date

4. Lastly, you’ll receive an email with a link to create your Ident-A-Kid Account where you will be able to access ident-A-Kid Apps, including reports for your school, online through the Web School Manager. 

*Please bookmark the School Manager for easy access: https://account.identakid.net

V4 Resources:

Minimum System Requirements:

• Windows 8.1/10

• Modern Dual- or Quad-core 2 GHz Processor or faster

• Minimum of 2GB of RAM for Windows 8; 4GB for Windows 10

• Minimum of 500MB of available hard drive space

•Google Chrome web browser tested and approved

• Keyboard and Mouse or some other compatible pointing device (Touchscreen is also compatible!)

• Video adapter and monitor with SVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution

• Audio Playback Capability for sound notifications

• Internet access for database backup

• 4 USB Ports

Need assistance with upgrading from V3 to V4?