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Connect IVM and PowerSchool

IVM saves you schools time and money with our PowerSchool integration by syncing your student attendance records, rosters and parent information.

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No More Manual Data Entry

Integrate IVM with your PowerSchool database to automate the entry of your students’ tardies and early releases. All tardy check-ins and early release check-outs are synced to your PowerSchool database in real-time! This saves you hours of manual data entry every day. In fact, a single school can save up to 2 hours of data entry per day. That adds up to about $5,000 in savings per school per year!

Sync Student Contacts

You can improve the safety of your students by making sure they’re being dismissed with the appropriate guardian. Our PowerSchool integration syncs your student’s contacts for custody into IVM. When a student is being signed-out, our system will check your contact list to make sure there are no custody issues.

To view our PowerSchool API FAQs, click here. To view our educational webinar, click here.

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