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Your District-wide Solution

iVisitor Management’s Enterprise Edition provides your district top-level management for all of your schools’ settings, reports, lists and exclusive integrations with our partners like PowerSchool and Sterling Volunteers!

Trusted By School Districts Nationwide

IVM is trusted by school districts of all different sizes across the county for  their visitor management needs. Our Enterprise Solution provides all the schools in your district with our standard security and efficiency features, plus time saving integrations with our partners, premium security features and simplified organization.

Simplify Account Management

With our Enterprise Edition, all of your schools are managed under one central District Manager. This makes account creation, setup and renewal easy! Standardize settings across the entire district by exporting them from your District Manager for all your schools to use.

Set District-wide List

Create district-wide list in Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management of pre-approved visitors, volunteers, RFID users, students, banned persons and student contacts! This list management standardizes who can enter in any of your schools.

Integrate with Our Partners

Our partner integrations will help you get the most out of your visitor management system. Our PowerSchool and OneRoster integrations connect with your School Information Systems to sync student attendance records, student rosters and parent-guardian list to keep your records up-to-date, helping you save time and money.


Our integration with Sterling Volunteers streamlines your volunteer management process. Digitize your volunteer applications, run secure, high-quality background checks and sync approved volunteers to your district’s volunteer list.

Create Reports for All Schools

Easily create reports for a single school or your entire district with Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management’s Enterprise Edition! Detailed reports of all your schools’ activities are recorded and accessible anytime on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

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