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Fast, Accurate and Contactless Temperature Readings

Temp Chek™ Mobile is a fast, accurate and 100% contactless solution that will help you keep your students and staff healthy.

Use Temp Chek™ Mobile to scan a visitor’s wrist or forehead and record their temperature before they enter campus to prevent the spread of disease.

How Temp Chek™ Mobile records temperatures

Our Temp Chek™ devices are equipped with infrared (IR) non-contact thermal reading technology. The IR technology allows for a fast and accurate temperature reading from the surface of an individual’s wrist or forehead.


No personal identifying information is recorded within Temp Chek™, making the temperature reading both FERPA and HIPPA compliant.


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Accurate Reading With Temp Chek™ Mobile 

Temp Chek™ Mobile readings are displayed in seconds and are within a ±0.9°F margin of error. We recommend for the most accurate results to stand 2-3 inches away from the device.

*It is important to note that IR technology records surface temperature, not internal temperature. Because of this, the environment in which you use Temp Chek™ Mobile may affect results.

For more information: View Specs | View FAQs

Ways to Use Around Your Campus

Use Temp Chek™ Mobile all around your campus with our different mounting options. Whether you need to have temperatures taken on buses as kids get on or in the front office when staff arrive for work, we have you covered.

Our mounting options are adjustable and durable. Every Temp Chek™ device is covered by a 1-year manufacture warranty so you don’t have to worry.

Temp Chek™ Mobile Specifications 

Measurement method: Infrared non-contact

Measuring range: Human body model [85.9°F – 109.2°F]

Measurement accuracy: Body ±0.9°F

Resolution: 0.1°F

Working conditions: 60.8°F – 95°F RH ≤ 93%

Low Battery indication: voltage ≤ 2.5V

Memory Function: 32 groups

Display: three-color backlight (green/orange/red)

Temperature unit: Celsius, Fahrenheit °C °F

Automatic shutdown function: 20 seconds

Temp Chek™ FAQs

How does Temp Chek™ work?

Temp Chek™ is a digital thermometer that uses infrared detection to measure an individual’s body surface temperature from the hand or forehead. This temperature is then displayed. The scanner also has a motion detection sensor that allows the device to switch between either manual or automatic scanning depending on the user’s procedure to use Temp Chek™.


How should I be using Temp Chek™?

Temp Chek™ is a quick screening tool used to detect abnormally high temperatures indicating a fever. We recommend keeping your Temp Chek™ devices inside or in an environment that doesn’t frequently fluctuate temperature. Changing the temperature of the environment in which you use Temp Chek™ may affect readings. This process is based on CDC broad-based testing guidelines: [ https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/broad-based-testing.html ]


Can Temp Chek™ replace oral or underarm thermometers?

No, Temp Chek™ cannot replace medical-grade thermometers. If an individual registers a high temperature with Temp Chek™, we recommend your medical staff retest them with a medical-grade oral or underarm thermometer.


What is the average body temperature of a healthy individual?

According to a Harvard Medical School blog post, recent studies have shown that the average body temperature of a healthy individual tends to be closer to 97.5°F. Throughout the day, our body’s temperature fluctuates. In this article from Cleveland Clinic, they suggest that the typical healthy range for body temperature is between 97-99°F, dependent on factors such as age, time of day and measurement method.


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