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Fast, Accurate and Contactless Temperature Readings

Check a visitor’s temperature before they enter campus with our contactless thermometer.

Temp Chek™ is a fast, reliable tool that will help you keep your students and staff healthy. Order yours today, or request a quote and more information.

3 Reasons to Use Temp Chek™ in Your Schools 

Fast Readings

Temp Chek™ reads a visitor’s temperature and shows results in as fast as 100 milliseconds.


Body temperature readings are within ±.4°F accuracy between range of 89.6°F to 108° F.


Built-in high precision thermal imaging module detects temperature.


*Built-in non-contact high-precision thermal imaging module with live detection

*Body temperature detection range from 89.6°F to 108° F, Precision ±0.4 F

*Supports human body temperature overlay and photo overlay

*100 ms fast identification

*Local alarm for abnormal temperature

*Can record identification and temperature information

*Saves data for traceability

*Excellent environmental lighting adaptability

*Low power consumption

*Future integration to iVisitor Management

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