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Once you sign into your Web Manager account, you’ll be able to reach your Reports located on the left side of the screen. There are four reporting options.

Click the link of the report you’d like more information on.


Activity Reports allow you to customize the type of report you would like to view.

On this page, you have different report filters to view or export the exact report you need.

Available filters

  • Date range
  • Name
  • Badge Name
  • Additional Info
  • Occurrences
  • Select Order By
  • Sort Type

Activity Reports (Continued)

You also have the option to show images in your report. To enable this, click the Show Images checkbox under the Sort Type drop down.

This page will also allow you to view your report directly. You can choose between Card View, Table View or Export the report as a CSV/TSV(Excel) file or PDF file.

Activity Reports (Viewing Examples)

Absent RFID Users Report

This report will show what staff members or volunteers did not check in on a certain date that you specify.

You can exclude District RFID Users or Duplicates from your report as well by clicking the related checkboxes.

*You can also view these reports directly in your browser or export them.

Active Check-in Report

To view any active check-ins, specify a name and/or badge name and press View or Export.

Both fields are optional. If you just click view, it will show you ALL current check-ins.

JiffyPass Active Check-Ins

View any active check-ins only for JiffyPass/Keyfobs users. Specify first, middle or last name, Badge name and/or Card ID then press View.