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Ident-A-Kid's Integration with PowerSchool

Powering Brighter Futures

Ident-A-Kid has been a PowerSchool partner since 2013. PowerSchool has given Ident-A-Kid the Seamless Data Exchange badge verifying our API with the ability to send data both ways. In fact, this integration can save a single school 2 hours of data entry per day. This can add up to $5,000 in savings per school per year! 

Use Ident-A-Kid to automate the tardy pass process by selecting the reason a student was tardy or is leaving early and who they are leaving with. A pass is then printed and this exception is logged automatically in PowerSchool. You can even run tardy reports and occurrence reports for discipline!

How it Works

This API connection will import all Student names and attendance codes from PowerSchool into Ident-A-Kid’s Visitor Management Solution. The API is then enabled to send all tracked tardies and early released through Ident-A-Kid back to PowerSchool in REAL-TIME. You can automate attendance code selections while running in Kiosk mode by only having the codes you need available. For Early Released students, the appropriate attendance code will be selected and posted to the Student’s schedule for the remainder of the time of the day or posted for all classes after the checkout time.


Through the API we can Pull:

  1. Student names in REAL-TIME
  2. Attendance codes

As well as Send:

  1. Tardy information for each student with additional information to PowerSchool in the comment box
  2. Early Departure data recorded by our system seamlessly

This connection is only available for our Enterprise Edition at this time. Enterprise Edition is our District solution and all schools will be set up through our District Admin module. This API is easily implemented within the API Plugin Manager.

Coming Soon

  • Syncing student contacts
  • Enhanced way to send attendance data back

For pricing, email sales@identakid.com

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