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We are hosting monthly webinars that provide a quick tutorial on setup and an overview of the newest updates to the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System!
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Actions are Louder than Words

See What We Have to Offer. Plenty of features to accommodate your needs.

Track Campus Visitors

Quick and Easy for all Visitors

On-screen Signatures

Straightforward way of collecting signatures

Parent - Student Reunification

Easily reunite Parents with Students.

Data Accessibility

Enhanced Reporting & easy Import/Export

Integration Options

Door Access & School Information Systems

Flexibility Kiosk/Attendant

Easy to use Kiosk Mode or use with an Attendant

Digital ID Capture

Photo, License Scan & Digital Signature

Support Local/Remote

Installation, training, troubleshooting

District Solution

Take Campus Security to the Next Level

Touchscreen Compatible

For quicker visitor processing

Visitor Management Features

Track All Visitors on Campus

Record all visitor activities on your campus and print badges for them to wear. Include info like name, date, time of check-in and where they are going. Scan a driver license to perform a background check against the national sex offender registry and a custom school populated banned persons list (NoGo list).

JiffyPass RFID System

Use keyfobs or RFID cards to check-in and out volunteers and staff in under 2 seconds. Set an auto logout time and even record off-site hours. This is perfect for frequent visitors, teachers and staff! Already have staff or volunteer badges? Not a problem. Ask us how you might be able to use your current badges in place with our system.

Student Tracking

Effortlessly record student tardies, early releases and print a pass at the same time! Include info for why a student is late or why they are leaving early. Keep an eye on custody alerts and banned individuals with your school or district’s NoGo List.

Parent- Student Reunification

With Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management, you can easily manage the release of your students to the correct parents and guardians, while maintaining accurate reports throughout the process,for no added cost! Use any device. Quicky validate custody. Create real-time reports.

On-screen Signatures

When parents or guardians are checking-in or out students your school can collect their signature for a safer process and more accountability!

Secure Identification Capture

Capture each visitor’s photo at time of check-in, a digital signature, license information and perform a sexual offender check. All images are available in your school’s reports.

Flexibility Kiosk/Attendant

Visitors can easily check themselves in

Choose the standalone secured kiosk or use an attendant. A secured kiosk requires proof of identity and an administrator’s password for  those who don’t have an ID. If an alert arises, an administrator is notified via email or desktop notifications.


 You customize your own settings so that you have the necessary info. Use up to five stations around your school with additional fields of info available for visitors to fill out at check-in.

Touchscreen Compatible

Make your visitors’ check-in process easier by using a touchscreen device! Our simple and intuitive UI makes the process a breeze.

Support Local/Remote

Our trained technical support team can be contacted by phone, email, live chat or appointment! We’ve also created a knowledge base that features FAQs, user guide, tips and videos on software topics from A-Z. Give us a call today at 800-890-1000 option 2 or visit our support site here.

Data Accessibility

Who is in the building now? We can tell you that. How many volunteer hours does my school have this month? We can tell you that too. Get the data you need, when you need it, from any device. Create detailed reports and even export them to Excel for further filtering.

Integration Options

Save time from remedial tasks with integrations that connect to your School Information and Door Access Systems. Our system integrates with PowerSchool, OneRoster and Sterling Volunteers. Available for Enterprise and Pro.



Enterprise Edition – District solution for your schools

Want the best for all of your schools? Our Enterprise Edition software provides centralized reports and lists for all schools, streamlined registration and renewal, desktop and mobile alerts for sexual offender checks and NoGo alerts.  Plus, you receive all features included in Standard Edition licenses. Those are just the highlights! Oh yeah, we are the only visitor management system to have a secured PowerSchool connection that automatically updates student attendance records in real-time. Goodbye manual entry!