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Client Agent Setup

The Client Agent is a utility for Version 4 that allows printing directly to the Dymo printers. It is essentially a print server as it will need network access to work not only with printers connected directly to your kiosk, but also if you plan on allowing other stations to print to these Dymos.

Please keep in mind that you only need to set up the Client Agent on computers that have Dymos connected to them.
*Also note that we only need to do this once per system – if you try to install it multiple times, it WILL cause errors If you are not 100% positive that this is the first install, you can go to your computer’s C drive. If you see a CCSSVM client agent folder, stop now and contact us.

To get to the client agent setup:

  1. Click the menu bar at the top left
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down to the Client Agent section and click ‘Setup
  4. On the Client Agent Setup screen, you will choose NEW

The next screen will have you choose your operating system. Though others are listed, the Client Agent is currently Windows only. Choose Windows.

The next screen has the Download button, click this to start the download.

Once the download is complete, run the Client Agent Installer. This is a quick installer; you may only see the screen for a few moments before it’s done and closes. Once this completes, you can continue.

The next screen will be for connecting the client agent. The Client Agent will be tied to a specific school, so if you have multiple schools in your list choose the one you’re currently working with.

The client agent host selection will show the computer’s name and IP address, this should be the name and IP of the computer you’re currently on. If you do not know how to confirm these, you can contact your IT department.

After you select the school and host, click configure.

The next screen will give you the option to name the client agent. We recommend giving this client agent the same name as the station it’s running at, as during equipment configuration you will be asked to select the client agent to use for printers and having an easy match to the station name will aid setup, particularly in environments where you have multiple stations running.

After the agent is named, click apply changes. You are good to go!