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Improving School Safety

South Paris, TN - The main focus of Paris Special School District is improving school safety. PSSD Superintendent Norma Gerrell said "I want us to be more prepared not just compliant in our drills. We need to be urgent about safety when it comes to the kids in ours...

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School Districts Take Precautions

Collinsville, VA - Henry County School district have designed their own procedures to help prevent school shootings and to ultimately keep schools safer. All schools in Henry County will go through lockdown drills during this spring and will have mandatory lockdown...

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School Safety Panel Talks

Columbia, SC - A necessary conversation on school safety have been taking place all over the country in the wake of the fatal school shooting in Parkland, FL. In the South Carolina center, a school safety summit was held with teachers, law enforcement and mental...

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Chester Schools Implement Extra Security Measures

Chester, NJ - Following an investigation of a student making an inappropriate comment, Chester School District Superintendent, Christina Van Woert, spoke on a few safety measures that their school district is implementing. Van Woert informed parents that the district...

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Sumter School District Safety Initiative

Sumter, SC - The most important priority of Sumter School District is the safety of the students and staff. In school safety training for school staff takes place throughout the year. The school district also provides immediate crisis response training for the...

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Things Aren’t As They Appear

So over the past couple of weeks many of you may have received an email or two asking you to update your preferences or respond back or else we would unsubscribe you from our list. “How could this be? I open every email!” We realized quickly from your responses that things on our email list were not as they appeared to be.

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Henderson County’s Safe School Initiative

Henderson, KY - All Henderson County Schools are installing Ident-A-Kid’s Visitor Management Software as a part of their safe schools initiative. Visitors and volunteers present their driver's license or photo ID, entering their reason for visiting and their...

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