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February 2019

There have been some pretty big changes to the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System that we feel you need to be aware of. We hope this post provides all the information you need, but if not, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable tech support experts by emailing your questions and concerns to support@identakid.com. Now, let’s get to the updates.

1. We are Phasing Out Support for v3 Customers

The service we use for reading licenses is no longer available to us after 6/15/2019. Since we stopped updating our v3 local application product in January of 2018, we will not be patching it with a new service going forward. What this means is that customers on v3 will no longer be able to use either our feed or optical license scanner to perform Sexual Offender Checks. To perform Sexual Offender Checks, administrators will need to click No ID and manually type the visitors name in. You can still use your Feed scanners to capture images of IDs, but Sexual Offender Checks will not be performed. Please note, our support team no longer supports these feed scanners and they are not compatible with the v4.0 software.

We strongly recommend that any customers still on v3 Edition update to our v4 Edition of our software to continue to perform easy sexual offender checks. This update is COMPLETELY FREE and easy to do.

2. Local Application Managers Support Will Be Discontinued

Starting 5/31/19, customers using v3 local manager application will no longer be able to retrieve reports and change settings. We strongly urge you to start using the Web School Manager. This is a FREE application that provides reports, access to your school’s settings and allows you to invite multiple users.

To log into the school manager go to school.ccssvm.com. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it. To be invited to your school, please email Support@identakid.com with the email(s) you need invited and your school information.

What to Expect After 5/31/19

If your school does not upgrade before 5/31/19, your system will continue to function, but with limited features. You will not be able to scan a drivers license to perform sexual offender checks. You will no longer have the option to scan a license when checking in and only be able to type a name in or select a name from a preloaded list. To perform Sexual offender checks, you will have to upgrade to our v4 edition.

Schools still using v3.0 will also not be able to generate reports or access settings from the Local Manager application. After 5/31 you will receive an error when trying open the manager and prompted to go to school.ccssvm.com.

Our v3 edition will be best used for schools without license scanners or computers that do not meet our minimum requirements. To perform sexual offender checks you will need to upgrade to v4 edition. It is a completely free upgrade and our tech support team is here to help! Click here to schedule an appointment or go here to start upgrading yourself. We also have many helpful training documents and webinars to help you with these changes!

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