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Updates to the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management coming the week of 1/7/19 include:


Dymo Printer Fixes

  • Some Ident-A-Kid v4.0 users were experiencing a delay and/or inconsistent printing for school visitor badges and student tardy passes. This issue has been resolved and visitor badges and hall passes print once a check-in is completed.

Up to 20 School Check-in Buttons For v4.0

We’re happy to announce that schools can expand their options for check-in buttons. Instead of being limited to a max of 7 options, schools on v4.0 can now have up to 20 different buttons for visitors.

To add more badges, go to your badge settings in the Web School Manager. There is a button for adding more badges. Once you add a new button you can customize it to your needs.

When finished in the Web School Manager, go to your Web Client and click on badge settings. Choose the badge you want displayed and go to the bottom of the settings. Make sure “Display Option” is not disabled. Save when finished.

Quick Tardy Check-In

Signing in a tardy student is even faster now with Quick Tardies! If your check-in process has only one answer and it is required, Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management will automatically select it and complete the check-in! For example, if you have a tardy code you want selected it will automatically be chosen and the check-in completed!

New Visitor Quick Check Out Feature

The new Quick Check Out feature allows visitors to sign out by clicking the check out button and scanning their visitor badge. That’s it!

To enable this, go to the settings page of your Web Client. There will be an area for Quick Check-Out. Enable your scanner and choose what you want to happen after a visitor finishes checking out. Don’t forget to make sure you click “Enable Quick Check Out”. Click save when done.

If you need help with implementing new updates or changing settings, please contact our tech support team at 800-890-1000 option 2, or email support@identakid.com.

For product information and sales questions, contact us at 800-890-1000 option 4 or email sales@identakid.com

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