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Visitor check-in at Kalispell’s five public elementary schools has gone digital, upping the level of security.

Gone are paper sign-in sheets. Visitors and volunteers now check in at new digital stations that feature touch-screen monitors, card scanners and label printers.

The stations were installed over winter break and started being used in January at a cost of approximately $4,800 from technology funds. Cameras also were installed at each elementary, which administrators can access by cellphone.

To check into the new system, a visitor scans his or her license. Information collected from the license includes first and last name, birthdate and state of residence. If a visitor does not have a license, he or she will be prompted to type in the information.

A photo of the visitor will be then be taken. An adhesive visitor or volunteer badge will print featuring the person’s photo, full name and date and time of checking in. A code also appears in the left corner above the date. When it comes to checking out, the visitor types in the code to complete the process.

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